We are a custom build and renovation company that knows the difference in quality standards and what is needed for comfort.

At Home.

1: relaxed and comfortable : at ease

2: in harmony with the surroundings

 We also understand that efficiency in a space, is a need for most, not just an afterthought. Function + Beauty is our aim, and with that we try to give you a home that has a balance, with of course a little beautiful cherry on top. 


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Whether you are choosing Pierce Build or J.O.A.T rebuild, our Clients are our prime focus in your homes journey. We put an emphasis on team with clear communication among our client,  and contractors to ensure an enjoyable experience start to finish. Design, budget, and client expectations are discussed with transparency to bring success to your project.


Our pride is in our attention to detail and years of master craftsmanship. This is not a house, but a home, we understand that fact.


 -Let your journey begin here- 


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Tel: 678-770-2914

Serving Metro Atlanta, GA 30517

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