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Concept Package


We are excited to announce that Designer packages are now available at Pierce + J.O.A.T

Each package has been hand selected by our on staff Design team to ensure your experience is as luxurious as is it should be, without all the fuss.

Designer packages

Why choose a Pierce + J.O.A.T package?


Complimentary Interior Design Service- You receive a Designer chosen palette without paying the price. No more repaints because the lovely gray you chose looks more purple next to that cabinet color.

Stress Free- Having organized orders removes the stress of tedious, time sensitive decisions from your experience.

Saves you Money- A pre planned work order saves your contractor time, which in return saves you money. 

Time- Agreed on items allow us to preschedule your job at the start. This speeds up the remodeling process, and informs you of our busy times in your home. That way you can make other arrangements that are comfortable for you and/or your family, like a dinner out on us :). Pick your restaurant gift card at the time of signing.

Functionality- Matched materials and fixtures ensure not only seamless aesthetic appeal, but also function and quality that will last. 

More- Shopping with a premeditated budget in mind allows us to choose, and allot funds to what we know from experience, hold most value in a home. This gives you a sense of luxury not a feeling that you had to sacrifice something in the end. 

Decor- Still need more? We know you… or your space that is. Our on staff Designer can select upgrade and decor options for you without you even leaving your home. You know, like that couch upgrade you have always wanted and swore you would get after the remodeling. 

New packages are arriving daily! Contact us to start yours!

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